What if you could finally shed the pounds that are holding you back from really feeling your best? 

YOU CAN, but...

92% of dieters never reach their goal weight because they keep trying the same broken plan that failed them before. 

It's time to try a new way because if I hear "ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS EAT LESS AND MOVE MORE" I might have to slap someone! 

SOUND FAMILIAR? If it was that easy 69% of Americans wouldn’t be overweight.

Let’s face it. You don’t need to be told that you have to lose weight. It’s obvious when you step on the scale or try to squeeze into your skinny jeans (or not-so-skinny-jeans)!

You don’t need another well-intentioned stranger offering you a new diet to ‘help’ you. Seriously, what gives them the right to assume that your weight is just about food? 

You don’t need another ‘expert’ with a new secret and you don’t need to spend one more second shaming yourself for gaining weight, or not exercising, or not eating enough vegetables. 

Your inner mean girl has that part covered. 

When was the last time you told yourself you were too fat to take a trip, jump in the pool, attend a gathering, or just make a change? The self-talk that goes on inside of you is maddening and hurtful. 

Are you ready to stop that? If you’re not ready, can you at least be willing?

You don’t need more information, a new diet, or exercise gadget. What you need is change: a new approach, a new mindset, and a new system to lose the weight without suffering or guilt.

Introducing… The 7-Step Healthy Living Blueprint.

I created this Healthy Living Blueprint to keep it simple!

This is 7-part, paint by numbers, journey to a healthier and happier you. This road isn’t paved with deprivation, long hours in the gym, or any crazy ideas that you won’t be able to do long-term.

My Healthy Living Blueprint is comprised of practical, achievable and sustainable changes that lead to long-term success. These are the same exact steps I took to successfully lose 31 pounds! 

The truth is that you can look and feel your best without falling victim to some fad or short-lived diet. The Healthy Living Blueprint is designed to cut through all the noise out there, eliminate the hype and provide you with a simple yet tangible plan to finally lose weight holistically. 

It is time to stop the inner critic. It’s time to gain the control you need to succeed. 


We are going to kick that inner critic’s butt to the curb by giving you the no-nonsense tools that you need, backed up by simple steps that work.

And because those steps will be created based upon your specific needs, you will feel in control, and that is the first step toward success. 

It’s time. You know it is. You got this. I’m here to help. 7 steps, simple, achievable goals, and support. 

Enroll in the 7-Step Healthy Living Blueprint because you need a holistic approach, not another one size fails all diet.


We put the power of delicious nutrition, simple exercise and life coaching in a step-by-step blueprint for you.

Your successful weight loss journey begins with seven baby steps that will build your foundation for healthier and happier living.

Step 1 - Assess Yourself.

You can’t begin without knowing where you’re starting. Before you jump blindly into making changes, you have to properly assess your starting point. 

In this module, you’ll… 

  •  calculate your readiness to change; 
  •  evaluate your current diet, exercise and sleep patterns; 
  •  name your supporters and non-supporters; identify your previous roadblocks to success; and record your weight and measurements and
  •  take “before” photos, if comfortable. 

This is not a day of reckoning or judgment, it is merely the starting point in your journey to a healthier and happier you. 

No negative self-talk is permitted!

Step 2 - Design Your Plan.

It’s time to design a program that works with your lifestyle. One size does not fit all when it comes to healthy living. In this module, you’ll…

In this module, you’ll… 

  •  identify how you want to look and feel at goal; 
  • create realistic parameters for your diet and exercise; 
  • establish time management systems to promote success; 
  • set up a support system; and schedule the weekly “you-time” needed to succeed.

You wouldn’t begin driving from spot A to spot B without a plan and you shouldn’t start making changes without one either.

This module is all about setting reasonable expectations and mapping out your path to success.

Step 3 - Reframe Your Brain.

Change the mind, change the body. This is the critical step for long-term success.

In this module, you’ll… 

  •  identify your inner critic and notice the lies she is telling you; 
  • dig deep into patterns of thinking that are holding you back from making real change; 
  • determine when and why you self-sabotage; 
  • develop ways to soothe your emotions without food; 
  • and most importantly, learn how to permanently align your intentions with your behaviors so you never have to diet again.

After all, what’s the point of losing the weight if you’re just going to gain it back again? 

With the winning mindset, you’ll be able to reach your healthy living goals without worrying about falling back into unhealthy behaviors.

Step 4 - Improve Your Behaviors.

WooHoo, it’s time to start making practical, achievable and sustainable changes. But hold your horses, it’s all about baby steps.

In this module, you’ll… 

  • improve your diet one meal at a time; 
  • identify where, when and how to incorporate “Planned Indulgences” into your diet; 
  • create a reward system for healthy behaviors to keep you motivated; 
  • gradually increase the amount of exercise in your daily life; 
  • and celebrate each healthy choice you make.

It’s completely unrealistic to think you can go from eating junk food on the couch to becoming a marathon-running vegetarian overnight. It’s not going to happen.

We want you to meet all your goals. As you make healthy habits stick, you’ll have the tools to raise the bar to a higher level. Before you know it, major changes will have occurred.

Step 5 - Achieve Your Goals.

YAY! You stuck to it, finished what you started and nailed your goal! 

In this module, you’ll… 

  • identify the healthy behaviors that were the key to your success;
  • evaluate your biggest challenges as you approached goal;
  • record areas in which you feel you still want to improve;
  • analyze what behaviors you need to increase or decrease to ensure long-term success; and
  • take awesome “after” photos.

At this point, it’s super important to purge your closet of every piece of clothing that is too big. Keeping your “fat” clothes gives yourself explicit permission to gain back the weight.

Step 6 - Celebrate Your Wins.

It’s very important to acknowledge and celebrate your wins, big and small, all along the way to goal. 

In this module, you’ll… 

  •  learn how to take the time to really celebrate YOU and your accomplishments; 
  • identify ways to spread your news without feeling like you’re bragging or asking for compliments; 
  • plan and enjoy a winning day of celebration; 
  • establish new ways to win in your healthy living journey; and 
  • create a plan to pay-it-forward to people who may need your assistance in reaching their goals, too. 

Don’t cheat yourself out of this hard-earned celebration. The deeper we can cement your feeling of joy and pride, the better your chances of long-term success. 

You deserve to celebrate, you’re an EatTrainWinner!

Step 7 - Maintain and Grow.

And this is where your new life begins. Let the fun begin and don’t let anyone convince you that maintenance is too hard.

In this module, you’ll… 

  •  design a foolproof maintenance plan that keeps you energized, healthy and happy in your skinny jeans; 
  • identify new goals and ways to live even healthier; 
  • evaluate if there are any situations or people that you are no longer willing to tolerate in your life; 
  • continue making improvements in the way you eat, train and think; 
  • and make plans for an incredible future.

We know that maintenance can be challenging. That’s why we provide lifetime access to this program. As an EatTrainWinner, you have all the tools at your disposal to insure continued success. 

Be proud – you earned it!


We know it's scary to try yet another weight loss program. Change can be overwhelming and support is critical to your success. That's why we are setting you up for success with these three extra bonuses and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Thousands of women have participated in our 10-Day Healthy Living Challenge which led to the creation of the Healthy Living Blueprint. 

So we know it's a great warmup to this program. When you enroll, you'll receive immediate access to the 10-Day Healthy Living Challenge so you can ease into your journey and build the confidence necessary to succeed.


Thousands of women have participated in our 10-Day Healthy Living Challenge which led to the creation of the Healthy Living Blueprint. 

So we know it's a great warmup to this program. When you enroll, you'll receive immediate access to the 10-Day Healthy Living Challenge so you can ease into your journey and build the confidence necessary to succeed.

Take Small Bites for Big Rewards!

“My bite-sized lessons are easy to digest and incorporate into your life. These are the same tools I used to lose 31 pounds in my late 40s / early fifties. The ladies in our community are ready to welcome you with open arms and help you thrive in your weight loss journey."

Christie Miller, The Healthy Living Architect and Founder of EatTrainWin

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Working with Christie has completely transformed my body. I started my weight loss with a commercial processed food diet plan. It worked in the beginning, but then my weight loss stopped and I was frustrated.

Christie helped me ditch the "healthified" processed foods and within days of eating whole foods, I noticed a big difference. My weight dropped and my energy and self confidence increased.

I lost 27 pounds and love being at my goal weight. I just returned from an amazing vacation in the Turks in Caicos. For the first time in my life, I was very confident sporting my bikini.

I'm a winner! 

Ellie S.

I have only known Christie about six months and I can't believe the changes in my life. I am so grateful for everything.

I learned so much during Christie's free 10 Day Healthy Living Challenge. I don't need to be overweight and unhealthy to be a good mom. My inner critic is a bitch and I can tell her to STFU and replace her words with something positive.

I learned that I will never be finished. I am a work in progress and that's okay.

Christie is one of the most selfless and generous people I know. I am so thankful to have her in my corner and I will follow her anywhere. 

Jayne H.

My experience working with Christie has been great. I met her when I was at my lowest point in life. I had been in bed rest for about six months. I gained a lot of weight. Being in bed just destroyed me.

What makes Christie different is her commitment. She goes way beyond the bar because she loves this. The results I have gotten from working with Christie have been huge. Being around her has made me a better person.

With Christie, you also get a friend and somebody in your corner when you feel like you don't have anyone in your corner. She's been there for me. She's one of the people that pulled me out of my depression.

I can't imagine where I would be without Christie. 

Stephanie B.

Money-Back Guarantee

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and confident that you made the right decision. 

Give the Healthy Living Blueprint your best efforts for 30 days and send me your completed worksheets from Modules 1-3. If after completing the worksheets, you're not 100% satisfied that I delivered a great product, or that I promised something and didn't deliver, then contact me within 30 days of your purchase and I'll send you a full refund. 



When you enroll today, you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to...

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  • 5-Part Video series on Why Dieters Fail so you avoid these common pitfalls
  • 10-Day Challenge to prepare for your weight loss journey
  • Lifetime access to the program including all future updates.



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